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А порт 1025 победить не могу. Вот дела. Ну не нужны мне открытые порты - никакие!Name resolved to 195.49.***.*** TCP port 1025 (unknown service): NOT LISTENING UDP port 10251025 порт нужен для работы сетевой игры Windows XP Blackjack, но используется тем не менее...

Open Tcp Port 1025 Blackjack. open tcp port 1025 blackjack * ***** Available Formats [IMG] CSV [IMG] XML [IMG] HTML [IMG] Plain text Service Name Port Number Transport Description Assignee Contact Registration Modification Reference Service Unauthorized Assignment Notes Protocol Date Date Code Use Reported 0 tcp Reserved [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 0 udp Reserved [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] … Blackjack (TCP/1025)? - Security | DSLReports Forums May 09, 2002 · Forum discussion: What exactly is network blackjack? I searched google and found it listed as a registered port assignment for TCP/1025, but no descriptions of what it is. Security Basics: Re: Port 1025 - Network Blackjack Port 1025 in Windows XP/2K is open by default. It is not network/blackjack even tho most port lists will tell you that it is. It is MSTask.exe that is listening on that port. , o> My WIN XP box has been scanned number of times this week from IP which on o> return scanning seems to have TCP Port 1025 (Network Blackjack) open. It o> also has ... Blackjack Port 1025 Udp - Blackjack Port 1025 Udp; 2 blackjack port 1025 udp real steel atom vs blackjack Views:! Not sure if its as you say and blackjack port 1025 udp is an ICQ service vancouver casino blackjack or if its some gambling program.!

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Blackjack Tcp Packet - SG Ports Services and Protocols - Port 1025 tcp/udp information, ... Wpe pro steam games Port 1025 openSearch results for "blackjack" Plants vs ... Open source and ... Что за порт такой blackjack 1025? - Конференция |… - крупнейший форум о технике и технологиях в Рунете...

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Номера портов TCP и UDP используются также протоколами SCTP и DCCP. Службы в SCTP и DCCP обычно используют номера, соответствующие их реализациям в TCP и UDP (при наличии).

Tcp port 1025 blackjack

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Blackjack 1025 Udp - ... 2001 · I ran a tcp nmap scan on my Win2k machine, and it shows port 1025 open. Its not blackjack, ... Aug 07, 2002 · Security → port 1025/udp is open in ... Linux Security - View topic - blackjack on port 1025/udp? On using Nmapfe with UDP port scan and TCP&ICMP selected, to look at the ... 1025/udp open blackjack 2049/udp open nfs ... Blackjack Port 1025 Udp -

Source port of 1079 (asprovatalk) to destination port … I have a small network of machines all running on the same subnet, running TCP/IP. There is no and has never been any connection to the Internet or to otherI'm starting to analyze TCP/IP traces using wireshark to get a better fell of the normal kinds of traffic Microsoft Windows machines send each other. Re: UDP port 1025(Blackjack)