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General Poker Beginners Questions Live Casino Poker Poker Goals & Challenges Books and Publications Poker Theory Poker Tells/Behavior News, … what are the odds? quads vs quads. too bad that wasn't in a live ring game as I am sure that was a bad beat qualifier. Quads vs. Quads - Backstage - However, this gives Toby the stone cold nuts. He flopped quad kings. This gives Robl a 0% chance to win the hand. Thinking he has the best hand, he fires out for $18,000. However he is in a world of pain. This bet forces the pocket two's to fold. Lewis being a competent poker player, raises it up to $42,000. Video Discussion: Quads vs Quads - Online Poker Strategy ...

Jul 31, 2007 · My friend lost with quad kings to quad aces in our cash game last night and was understandably upset. He went on to claim that the odds of that happening (two players get quads in the same hand) were ridiculous (he guessed 1 in 3.5 million). Obviously, being the degenerate gamblers we are, made it a $100 bet.

Stud vs Hold em Thanks for all the info, Bobpoker is from my home game and we were discussing this amongst the players at our game the other night. The odds in question where whether it was more likely, less likely or the same odds to hit quads in a hand of Stud by the river or by the river in Hold'em. News: Quads vs Quads caught on stream - Quads vs Quads caught on stream. We round-up some of the best videos of the week including two record breaking streams and a $10k giveaway from KidPoker. Incredible Quads vs Full House Hand! - PokerStars ... Incredible Quads vs Full House Hand! - PokerStars Championship Bahamas It may only be January but you'll struggle to find a more exciting, more unbelievable hand throughout 2017 than this one played in the Main Event of PokerStars Championship Bahamas. Quick Quads - Video Poker - Gambling - Page 3 - Forums ... Las Vegas discussion forum - Quick Quads, page 3. ahhhhhhh crap I am addicted to QQ now. Played it for the first time over the weekend and on the first few hands I hit 77761, the machine yelled at me quick quads and now I like it.

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Video Poker - Quads After Quads Anomaly | Has anyone observed the quads after quads anomaly on present-day deuces wild machines, especially not-so-ugly deuces? ... Video Poker Quads After Quads Anomaly. Main Event: Quads Prevail in Three-Way Pot | Seminole Hard ... The turn didn’t change a thing, but Gilbert’s went from worst to first when he spiked quads — the — on the river.Gilbert … Continue reading Main Event: Quads Prevail in Three-Way Pot → Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Poker Nice Quads Achievement in Prominence Poker

The Hand I’ll Never Forget: Norm Macdonald on his quads over quads bad beat. It’s the hand that put you over the top. Or the two cards you held that time you were rivered for a monster pot ...

How often should I be seeing four of a ... - Poker Stack Exchange quads versus quads . hand 1 AA hand 2 KK . board A A K K x . Since there is 50% chance of having a block on the flush you are like 20X more likely to get beat by quads and I know how to run those numbers but at this point I am not interested in helping OP. Poker Odds - Learning to calculate poker odds can be confusing for a poker novice. There is a very basic and practical Odds for Dummies at Cardschat that can help get you started before you delve into the mathematics below. As overwhelming as it may seem if you really want to take your poker game to a new level this is something you will need to study and ... QUADS Poker Club - Bangalore Poker Sports - Home | Facebook

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Sick Poker Hands - Quads vs. Quads - PokerLivePro Sick Poker Hands 176 Live Poker 1 TheSmacker20 1 Twitch 7. Sick Poker Hands – Mixed Cash Games At King’s.Sick Poker Hands – Chris Moorman vs. Mike Matusow. Школа Покера - Невероятная раздача Micka vs Ryan Fair!

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